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Organizations depend on a wide variety of sales, marketing, finance, operations, and other server-based applications to run their business, perform routine tasks, and interact with customers, vendors and partners each and every day. Due to the significant business and financial impact of downtime, the availability and proper performance of these applications, as well as the underlying server technology, are matters of critical importance.

VITAL's Server & Application Monitoring service helps organizations of all sizes quickly pinpoint and resolve issues within their server environments by providing proactive availability and performance monitoring of physical and virtual servers, as well as the operating systems, applications and data running on the hardware platforms. With VITAL’s Server & Application Monitoring service, customers receive:

  • Fault Monitoring - Up/down fault identification and notification for the servers under contract
  • Hardware Monitoring - Failure identification and notification for the specific hardware components* (i.e. hard drives, memory, CPU, fans, power supplies, etc…) within the server platforms under contract
  • Performance Monitoring - Identification and notification of server health and performance-related issues that could jeopardize the services running on the servers under contract
  • Operating System and Application Service Monitoring - Identification and notification of OS and application service failures and performance-related issues operating on the server platforms under contract

VITAL's Server & Application Monitoring service provides rapid identification, verification and notification of problems throughout server environments to ensure maximum uptime for increased user productivity and satisfaction. View the datasheet or contact us to learn more.

*Hardware monitoring requires the installation of the proper element manager on each managed server. Features/capabilities vary by hardware vendor.

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