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Cisco SMARTnet + VITAL Onsite Field SupportSMARTnet + VITAL Onsite Field Support

Competition and better-educated consumers are putting “the squeeze” on partner margins. If you’re selling Cisco® SMARTnet™ Onsite contracts, you’re paying up to 25% more than you could be paying for a comprehensive, onsite Cisco support solution. By packaging Cisco SMARTnet Advance Replacement Contracts with VITAL Network Services’ Onsite Field Support Services, you can increase your profit margins, save your customers money and grow your revenue, while offering exceptional service for less.

Cisco uses third-party maintainers (TPMs) to deliver onsite services. By working directly with VITAL to deliver the onsite services on your behalf, you can “cut out the middleman” and create significant savings on labor costs while gaining control of who delivers onsite service to your customers.

As a service-only company with decades of experience and over 2000 field technicians available 24/7 throughout North America, VITAL is the perfect partner to collaborate with to expand your capabilities, capacity and profitability.

How It Works
When a customer requires comprehensive onsite maintenance for their Cisco equipment, offer them a Cisco SMARTnet Advance Replacement contract plus VITAL Onsite Field Support. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. Your customer will receive the same, high quality service they would receive under a Cisco SMARTnet Onsite contract and you will continue to achieve your Cisco SMARTnet attach and “renewal” requirements.  At the same time, the savings you receive on the onsite portion from VITAL will significantly increase your gross margins - leading to improved profitability over time.  Best of all, since VITAL doesn’t resell Cisco hardware or SMARTnet services, you never have to worry about VITAL “stealing” your customers.

Earn up to 25% more by saving on your onsite labor costs. View the datasheet or contact us to learn more.

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