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VITAL Network Services offers a variety of professional services delivered by our certified network engineers. These services can be customized to augment an organization's existing capabilities or deliver specialized expertise for a project. Customers may utilize VITAL's certified network engineers to perform network design consulting or performance analysis. Additionally, they can help ensure a successful WLAN implementation by performing a Wireless Site Survey prior to finalizing the design and installing it.

Wireless Site Surveys
A Wireless Site Survey is a critical tool for planning and implementing a WLAN in both small and large locations.  In fact, the larger and more complex the installation, the more important the site survey becomes.  By completing a Wireless Site Survey prior to the actual WLAN deployment, VITAL can verify sufficient coverage and performance to create a well-developed configuration and placement design and ensure a successful installation.

While performing Wireless Site Surveys, VITAL's trained network engineers analyze the planned WLAN environment to understand the RF behavior, discover the RF coverage areas, identify interferences, and determine the appropriate type and placement of wireless devices as well as how the proposed wireless LAN equipment will connect back to the wired network.  The results of the analysis are provided in a comprehensive report which includes detailed information that addresses:

  • Coverage
  • Interference sources
  • Equipment placement
  • Power considerations
  • Wiring requirements
  • Recommendations to adequately secure the network

The Wireless Site Survey documentation serves as a guide for the WLAN design and for the installation and verification of the wireless infrastructure. Visit our Wireless Solutions page or contact us to learn more about VITAL's capabilities.

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