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Network Management ServicesNetwork Management Services

VITAL's comprehensive portfolio of Network Management services - including fault, configuration and performance management - offers customers peace of mind by minimizing network associated downtime which leads to increased productivity and reduced costs. With two fully-manned, US-based Network Operations Centers, VITAL's team of network management professionals monitor networks 24/7 and apply proven, ITIL®-based processes to resolve any issues that may arise.

Fault Management
With today’s networks supporting multiple technologies including data, voice, video, and wireless, as well as a wide variety of applications, network availability is more crucial than ever before. VITAL’s Fault Management service incorporates the use of trained network management professionals utilizing state-of-the-art fault management tools to monitor network devices 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week. The service includes:

  • 24/7 availability monitoring of network devices and communication links
  • Identification, verification and customer notification of faults that occur on the contracted devices
  • Management of problems through resolution (including management of carriers, equipment vendors and third-party providers)
  • Identification, troubleshooting and resolution of “chronic” network issues
  • Weekly and monthly fault summary reports

By verifying the availability of critical network components around-the-clock, VITAL's Fault Management service delivers maximum network availability, lower costs and increased productivity. View the datasheet or contact us to learn more.

Configuration Management
Growing network complexity and more stringent government regulations focused on privacy, security and corporate control over data are forcing organizations to create and maintain more secure, accountable network environments. By applying a process-oriented approach, robust tools and a knowledgeable staff, VITAL Network Services delivers a seamless Configuration Management service to simplify configuration tasks across multi-vendor environments. With VITAL’s Configuration Management service, customers receive:

  • Configuration Back-up/Restoral  - Automated back-ups of all managed device configurations on a nightly basis with rollback and restoral capabilities as required
  • Configuration Auditing/Reporting  - Detailed configuration and change reporting for identifying and auditing configuration settings and changes
  • Change Management - Implementation of customer requested configuration and IOS changes per the customer’s change management process
  • Change Control - Real-time alerts when configuration changes occur

VITAL’s Configuration Management service helps organizations minimize issues related to configuration changes, assists organizations in meeting regulatory compliance requirements, decreases the time associated with large network changes, and ensures business continuity through disaster recovery planning. View the datasheet or contact us to learn more.

Configuration Archival
For organizations interested in archiving device configurations for disaster recovery purposes, VITAL's Configuration Archival service offers nightly back-up and archival of the last five (5) known-good configurations of contracted devices. Maintaining and archiving the configurations speeds recovery time when a configuration error occurs or if a device fails. Contact us to learn more.

Performance Management
Constant availability, high service quality and unparalleled reliability are required to support the broad range of business-critical applications operating on today’s networks. By monitoring performance statistics, gathering performance data and providing recommendations based upon trending and analysis, VITAL Network Services helps customers quickly detect, diagnose and resolve network performance problems and outages - often before users can report an issue. VITAL's Performance Management service includes:

  • 24/7 real-time and historical data collection
  • Identification, verification and customer notification of performance thresholds that are exceeded
  • Regular analysis of performance data and trends
  • Tracking of "chronic" performance trends
  • Monthly and quarterly performance reports

Given the importance of high network availability and performance, customers can count on VITAL’s Performance Management Service to mitigate risks, control costs and deliver a more predictable service quality for mission-critical networks. View the datasheet or contact us to learn more.


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