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Integration Services

Implementing a new network or changing an existing network requires a significant amount of planning, coordination, and technical expertise. The Integration services offered by VITAL Network Services ease the hassles associated with complex network implementations by providing everything necessary to ensure success - including the peace of mind that comes with being supported by a knowledgeable and experienced group of network professionals. VITAL's Integration services - including Site Surveys, Staging and Onsite Installation - may be utilized individually to augment your existing capabilities or together to provide a turn-key implementation solution.

Site Surveys
Ensure installation sites are properly prepared with a Site Survey from VITAL Network Services. VITAL's Site Survey service helps verify site preparedness by reviewing the design documents, physically verifying the site readiness, and defining any modifications required prior to performing the installation. During the physical site survey, VITAL's onsite field engineers assess the:

  • Proposed locations for new equipment
  • Rack/floor space and current availability
  • Existing network cabling and hardware components
  • Proximity to power and network connections
  • Available power outlets and UPS devices
  • Environmental conditions
  • Cable requirements (including interface cables, connectors and length)
  • Environment and access requirements
  • Network interfaces and demarcations installed in the wiring closet

VITAL’s Staging service helps ensure the equipment for an installation, prior to delivery to site, is not only configured to the customer’s requirements, but also has been suitably tested to minimize the likelihood of the equipment being “dead on arrival” (DOA). VITAL's staging specialists receive the equipment at our centralized staging facility and perform the following activities:

  • Inspection/Inventory - Unpack and perform a physical inspection of the equipment
  • Configuration - Assemble the components, load the required software (i.e. network OS, application and connectivity), and configure the device settings based upon the customer’s configuration specifications
  • Testing - Perform tests to verify power, interfaces, software versions, and dataflow
  • Logistics - Disconnect, package and label the equipment per the customer’s specifications for shipment to the customer’s designated installation site(s) 

Onsite Installation
Whether you need a single unit installed or have a significant network upgrade project, VITAL offers professional, reliable onsite installation services for a wide range of multi-vendor networking equipment. VITAL's onsite installations may be scheduled 24 hours a day to minimize business disruption and are managed by our experienced installation coordinators to keep complex network deployments on schedule. During the installation process, VITAL coordinates the installation and provides onsite field engineers to perform the physical installation and equipment testing at the installation location(s). While onsite, VITAL's onsite field engineer will:

  • Unpack, inspect and inventory equipment
  • Physically install the device(s)
  • Attach the physical interfaces
  • Power-up device(s)
  • Validate network interface status
  • Conduct connectivity testing

Whether the job is implementing a new network or changing an existing network,VITAL is an experienced support partner you can trust to complete the job correctly with minimal business disruption. View the datasheet or contact us to learn more. Deploying a Wireless LAN? View our Wireless Solutions section to learn about VITAL's Wireless Deployment Services.

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