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Service InfrastructureService Infrastructure

VITAL has developed a service infrastructure comprised of three main elements: a centralized, highly skilled technical support group, a cost-effective field service model with an expansive breadth of coverage, and a flexible and responsive dispatch and logistics capability.

VITAL has established a Technical Support Center (TSC) and Network Operations Center (NOC) at its headquarters in Tampa, Florida. This facility houses the company’s technical support specialists and engineers, logistics functions, as well as simulation and training laboratories. Additionally, VITAL also has a fully-redundant, manned TSC and NOC outside of Philadelphia, PA and a Staging and Equipment Repair facility located in Irvine, CA. To efficiently serve customers, VITAL's TSC is connected to a customer database that stores important customer information including site, equipment, service type, service levels, and trouble ticket data. By maintaining a TSC with Tier 1, 2 and 3 Cisco engineers and fully-equipped laboratories, VITAL is able to leverage the technical expertise and personnel contained in the support centers for its entire customer base regardless of location.

Complementing the central technical support in VITAL’s TSCs and NOCs is a field service model comprised of over 3000 VITAL field engineers and Authorized Service Providers (ASPs) who have been individually trained and certified on a variety of technologies as well as VITAL’s service delivery model and quality commitment. When it is determined that an onsite resource is necessary to resolve a problem, an onsite technician is dispatched from our Field Service team and guided by one of VITAL's TSC specialists/engineers to perform additional troubleshooting or parts replacement/repair. This field service model allows VITAL to utilize the highly skilled resources in the TSC without sending them to the customer site, boast a large coverage area, and contain costs by contracting with a field resource only when it is necessary for problem resolution.

In addition to VITAL's ability to rapidly dispatch a technician to a customer location, we can also quickly dispatch a replacement part to a customer location for problem resolution. VITAL maintains 100 parts depot locations strategically placed in business districts throughout North America to ensure parts are ready when a customer has a problem.

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