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Company Plans to Continue Manufacturing and Support for Select Sync-Rixon Products

TAMPA, Fla. -- November 4, 2005 -- VITAL Network Services, Inc., a multivendor provider of network lifecycle services, today announced it has acquired certain assets of Sync Research, Inc. and Rixon Networks, Inc. (Sync-Rixon).  Both companies were wholly-owned subsidiaries of Entrada Networks, Inc., which ceased operations effective July 22, 2005.  VITAL, which has been providing support on behalf of Sync Research for over 5 years, will begin to manufacture and continue to support select products from the Sync-Rixon product portfolios.

“After Entrada ceased operations, we had a number of inquires from end users and carriers who had been using or evaluating products from Sync-Rixon,” said John Koehler, president and CEO of VITAL Network Services, Inc.  “By acquiring the primary assets of Sync-Rixon, we can offer high-quality support services to these customers while also providing an outlet for the purchase of additional products as required.”

Sync-Rixon manufactured and supplied frame relay access devices (FRADs), digital transmission devices (CSU/DSUs), frame relay access probes (FRAPs), network interface cards (NIC), and other network devices for OEM, VAR, system integration, carrier, and end user customers to provide access to and support transport within their networks.  VITAL will begin to manufacture the following products from their new Manufacturing and Repair facility in Irvine, California:

The FrameNode™ 3600, 3700, 4200, and 4300 series of multiprotocol frame relay access devices for converging mission-critical SNA and client/server applications onto a frame relay or router-based WAN backbone;    

  • The D-FRAP™, M-FRAP™ and T-FRAP™ series of circuit management products designed to act as data collection and network troubleshooting devices;
  • The TY3250, ONS153-3 and ONS155-3 CSU/DSUs from the Tylink family of high-performance, multiservice digital access products and data/voice multiplexers;
  • The Envisage™ network management software for use with the FrameNode and FRAP products to configure, monitor and troubleshoot issues with the equipment and/or frame relay network environment;
  • The entire ROUTERmate™ and ROUTERmate Plus family of high-quality, feature-rich network access devices and routers;
  • The 2404 Quad Port Fast Ethernet, 2452 Dual Port Fast Ethernet and 2250 FDDI PMC NIC cards.

In addition to manufacturing the aforementioned products, VITAL will also be offering three standard maintenance offerings, similar to Sync’s support offerings, and network management services to complement the product sales.  For non-critical devices, VITAL will offer SafetyNet Repair.  When contracting for SafetyNet Repair, customers will receive access to VITAL’s Technical Support Center for remote telephone support Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and may ship broken units to VITAL for turnaround within 30-45 days.  For more critical networks, VITAL offers their SafetyNet and SafetyNet Onsite services.  Customers contracting for SafetyNet and SafetyNet Onsite will receive 24x7x365 access to VITAL’s Technical Support Center for remote telephone support and 8x5xNBD parts replacement.  Customers contracting for SafetyNet Onsite will also receive an onsite field engineer during the coverage hours, 8x5xNBD, to perform the parts replacement activities.     VITAL’s GlobalWatch Fault Management service provides customers with 24x7x365 remote monitoring of their network devices.  If an issue occurs, VITAL will notify the customer and begin diagnostics to quickly isolate the root-cause of the problem for faster resolution and reduced network-associated downtime.

Additional services and services for other Sync-Rixon products will be provided on a case-by-case basis.  For additional information on purchasing products or obtaining support, please contact VITAL Network Services at 1-888-248-4825 x5137.

About VITAL Network Services, Inc.
VITAL Network Services, an independent, multivendor service and support provider headquartered in Tampa, Florida, delivers industry-leading network support services to large enterprise customers, network equipment manufacturers, integrators, value-added resellers, distributors, and carriers. The company’s comprehensive portfolio of traditional LAN/WAN internetworking, IP Telephony, and managed broadband-based VPN solutions helps customers realize the full value of their network investment by addressing all facets of the network lifecycle including network design and planning, integration, maintenance, and proactive monitoring. VITAL’s ubiquitous field engineering force enables the company to deliver onsite support services to nearly any zip code within North America.

More information about VITAL and its services is available online at, or by calling 1-888-248-4825.


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