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New Service Provides 24/7 Proactive Availability and Performance Monitoring of Leading Server Platforms, Operating Systems and Applications

TAMPA, Fla. -- September 14, 2009 -- VITAL Network Services, Inc., a multi-vendor provider of network lifecycle solutions, today announced the expansion of its network management services to include Server & Application Monitoring. Available immediately, the latest service from VITAL delivers enterprise-class monitoring for a wide range of popular hardware platforms, OS variants, applications, and databases to help organizations of all sizes increase service availability, improve productivity and help contain operating costs.

Like the rest of its network management services, the monitoring tasks for VITAL’s Server & Application Monitoring Service are performed remotely from the company’s two fully-staffed, redundant Network Operation Centers located in Tampa, FL and Pennsauken, New Jersey. Using a comprehensive set of monitoring tools and IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®)-based processes, VITAL’s network professionals proactively monitor the entire server environment for impending issues. When an issue is identified, VITAL verifies the issue and immediately notifies the customer so steps can be taken to remediate the problem.

“With more business, customer, vendor, partner and communications applications residing on servers, uptime is critical,” said John Koehler, president and CEO of VITAL. “Service interruptions can lead to significant financial and productivity losses that could be avoided with proper monitoring. Our Server & Application Monitoring Service gives organizations an affordable, yet comprehensive, solution to protect their investments by rapidly identifying issues threatening the availability and performance of these critical assets.”

The Server & Application Monitoring Service is the latest addition to VITAL’s network management service portfolio and extends its monitoring and management capabilities from the network infrastructure down to the mission-critical user applications. Customers can now mix and match management and monitoring services from the portfolio to support any combination of foundation, unified communications, server, and wireless technologies.

Service Features
VITAL’s Server & Application Monitoring Service incorporates four major service components to provide a comprehensive monitoring solution for both physical and virtual server environments as well as the critical applications and databases residing on the servers. These components include:

  • Fault Monitoring - Up/down fault identification and notification for the servers
  • Hardware Monitoring - Identification and notification of the failure of specific hardware components (i.e. hard drives, memory, CPU, fans, power supplies, etc…) based upon data received from the Hardware Manager installed on the server
  • Performance Monitoring - Identification and notification of erver health and performance-related issues that could jeopardize the services running on the servers
  • Operating System and Application Service Monitoring - Identification and notification of OS and application service failures and performance-related issues

About VITAL Network Services
VITAL Network Services, a service-only, multivendor support provider headquartered in Tampa, Florida, delivers industry-leading network support services to large enterprise customers, network equipment manufacturers, integrators, value-added resellers, distributors, and carriers. The company’s comprehensive portfolio of traditional LAN/WAN internetworking, unified communications, wireless, server, and managed broadband-based VPN solutions helps customers realize the full value of their network investment by addressing all facets of the network lifecycle including network design and planning, integration, maintenance, and proactive monitoring/management. VITAL’s ubiquitous field engineering force enables the company to deliver onsite support services to nearly any zip code within North America.

More information about VITAL and its services is available online at, or by calling 1-888-248-4825.

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