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Significant Investment Reflects Strategic Move by VITAL to Offer IPT Management to Cisco IPT Partners

TAMPA, Fla. -- August 15, 2005 -- VITAL Network Services, Inc., a multivendor provider of network lifecycle services, today announced they have selected the Qovia™ VoIP Monitoring and Management System (VMMS) to deliver remote IP telephony monitoring and management services as part of the company’s new suite of IP telephony (IPT) Day 2 support services. Recognizing the enormous market potential in IP telephony support services, VITAL has made a significant investment in people, processes and systems to create a comprehensive portfolio of Day 2 “Operate and Optimize” IPT services for Cisco PDI partners seeking an alternative to building and maintaining Day 2 IPT support capabilities in-house. Qovia’s software and hardware will be utilized by VITAL’s network operations group to perform IPT monitoring and management for customers as part

As an independent, service-only business, VITAL has been supporting mission critical data network environments with implementation, maintenance and network management services for decades. VITAL’s suite of IPT Day 2 support services is the company’s latest strategic initiative developed to deliver ongoing operation and optimization support services for converged voice and data environments based on the Cisco AVVID architecture. Careful analysis of the market demonstrated that when IPT monitoring and management was applied to a newly converged network environment, customers experienced reduced downtime and higher satisfaction among their

“With end user expectations so high, it is imperative to be able to quickly identify, diagnose and resolve any issue that could be impeding the quality of an IP telephony call,” said John Koehler, president & CEO of VITAL Network Services. “After evaluating a number of tools, we found that Qovia offered a comprehensive management platform that we could easily integrate with our existing systems to deliver real-time monitoring and management of voice traffic in a converged voice and data network. We believe the Qovia VMMS will help us deliver greater value to our customers by helping us reduce their total cost of ownership through faster problem identification and diagnosis.”

“Qovia VMMS was not only designed specifically for VoIP and other IP communications, but was also architected to be multi-user and multi-tenant,” said David Woodall, Qovia’s president and CEO. “This makes Qovia VMMS ideal for companies like VITAL that want to offer revenue-generating VoIP managed services. Today, enterprises deploying IP telephony recognize live monitoring and management of their VoIP networks is critical for reliability, call quality and low operations costs. With their latest investment in Qovia’s award-winning VMMS software and hardware, VITAL will be able to deliver the live monitoring and management capabilities their customers want.”

“VoIP management requires sophisticated automated measurement of voice quality and instantaneous, competent responses to problems, before users are upset,” said Eric Siegel, senior analyst with Burton Group. “Simplistic measures of network characteristics and slow responses just aren't good enough for organizations that depend on IP telephony. That’s why I'm pleased to see that VITAL has decided to enter this field, using Qovia technology to offer a VoIP management service to enterprises.”

About Qovia, Inc.
Qovia’s IP phone system monitoring and management technologies and products offer reliability, emergency services, quality, operations and security for enterprise VoIP phone systems. The Qovia™ VoIP Monitoring and Management System (VMMS), consists of a series of software tools that significantly ease management, monitoring and maintenance of Internet phone systems, protect data assets and increase the productivity of IT investments. Major OEM manufacturers are also offering VoIP monitoring and management tools that are “Powered by Qovia.” Qovia was founded in June 2002 and has received $16.1M in venture funding from Canaan Partners; BlueRun Ventures (formerly Nokia Venture Partners); Anthem Capital; and the State of Maryland. The company and its implementations have earned nearly two dozen industry awards. Qovia can be found online at

About VITAL Network Services, Inc.
VITAL Network Services, an independent, multivendor service and support provider headquartered in Tampa, Florida, delivers industry-leading network support services to large enterprise customers, network equipment manufacturers, integrators, value-added resellers, distributors, and carriers. The company’s comprehensive portfolio of traditional LAN/WAN internetworking, IP Telephony, and managed broadband-based VPN solutions helps customers realize the full value of their network investment by addressing all facets of the network lifecycle including network design and planning, integration, maintenance, and proactive monitoring. VITAL’s ubiquitous field engineering force enables the company to deliver onsite support services to nearly any zip code within North America.

More information about VITAL and its services is available online at, or by calling 1-888-248-4825.


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