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New Service Helps Organizations Identify Internal and External Vulnerabilities to Strengthen Their Security Posture

TAMPA, Fla. -- June 29, 2010 -- VITAL Network Services, Inc. (VITAL), a multi-vendor provider of network lifecycle solutions, today announced the addition of a new Security Vulnerability Assessment Service to its portfolio of lifecycle services. Available either as a one-time or regularly scheduled service, VITAL’s Security Vulnerability Service helps organizations proactively identify exploitable risks in their internal and/or external networks and offers recommendations for mitigating or removing the exposure posed by the vulnerabilities.

“Unauthorized system access by hackers or cyber criminals threatens businesses of all sizes in virtually every industry,” said John Koehler, president and CEO of VITAL Network Services. “The disruption of operations and exposure of sensitive information caused by a security breach can be damaging to a business’s reputation and often results in significant financial and productivity losses. Our newest service helps organizations proactively measure and mitigate their overall security risk by identifying areas that are most susceptible to attacks and providing recommendations to quickly and cost-effectively remediate the detected vulnerabilities.”

VITAL’s new Security Vulnerability Service leverages proven assessment tools, specialized security expertise and security industry best practices to increase visibility into potential security risks and deliver valuable information to enable the effective improvement and management of these vulnerabilities. During an assessment, VITAL’s security professionals use a comprehensive set of up-to-date scanning signatures to systematically test and analyze the customer’s internal and/or external network environment for known security holes. Upon scanning completion, VITAL compiles the information, segments and prioritizes the detected vulnerabilities based upon categorize of risk, and provides written recommendations to address the issues detected. Organizations can utilize the information provided during VITAL’s Security Vulnerability Assessment to strengthen their security posture and as a basis for future decisions about IT strategy, requirements and resource allocations.

About VITAL Network Services
VITAL Network Services, a service-only, multivendor support provider headquartered in Tampa, Florida, delivers industry-leading network support services to integrators, value-added resellers, distributors, and carriers. The company’s comprehensive portfolio of LAN/WAN, unified communications, wireless, server, and managed broadband-based VPN solutions address all facets of the network lifecycle including network design and planning, integration, maintenance, and proactive monitoring/management. VITAL’s ubiquitous field engineering force enables the company to deliver onsite support services to nearly any zip code within North America. 

More information about VITAL and its services is available online at, or by calling 1-888-248-4825.

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